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There was a big party Saturday night at The Café in the Castro in honor of the 60th birthday of longtime gay-rights activist Cleve Jones. He said all he wanted for his birthday was to hear Jonathan Groff sing the finale (“The Flesh Failures/Let the Sunshine In”) from Hair, and he got his wish.

Groff, who’s currently in S.F. shooting season 2 of Looking for HBO, played the role of Claude in Hair in the 2008 Shakespeare in the Park production that ultimately moved to Broadway. (x)

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"Unfortunately, in the world we live in, if I ever were to do anything stupid or say anything stupid, all the credibility of the character would be taken away. I want to be able to have fun, so it’s a huge pressure and I do think about it every day. I probably think about it too much."

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"make sure that you always follow your heart and your gut, and let yourself be who you want to be, and who you know you are. and don’t let anyone steal your joy."